Prep sand the table Stir Stains Thoroughly Apply First Coat of Nutmeg Gel Stain LIBERALLY Wipe Off Excess Stain With Clean Cloth or Paper Towel Continue to Wipe Off Excess Stain, Turning Cloth to Clean Side Continue to Stain One Section At a Time Finish wiping each section Wipe stain off adjacent areas as you work Clean excess stain from corners with a bristle brush Check all sections carefully and remove any excess stain Use liquid oil base stain to fill in crevices or tight corners First coat of Nutmeg Gel Stain complete Lightly sand with Ultra Fine Sanding Pad Repeat the process with second coat of Java Gel stain, starting with a LIBERAL a Polish off the excess stain, changing the cloth or paper towel as needed Table complete with second coat of Java Gel Stain Sand lightly if needed and apply 2 - 3 coats of Gel Satin Topcoat Finished Table with Java Gel Stain layered over Nutmeg, 3 coats of Gel Satin Top . .

How to Layer General Finishes Gel Stains to Create a New Color