How to Use Gel Stains as an Antiquing Glaze

General Finishes can show you how using gels stains as an antiquing glaze can achieve a lustrous finished feeling that will leave you loving the new aged appearance of your wood projects.

We are often asked if Gel Stain can be used as an antiquing glaze and the answer is yes. You can use Gel Stain by itself or reduce it 10 to 20% with mineral spirits. Reducing the gel stain makes it easier to wipe off the excess. Be sure to the test color on the underside of project to make sure it is what you want. When layering newly applied oil and water finishes, be sure to wait 72 hours between coats.

For this demo, we reduced Antique Walnut Gel stain with 10% mineral spirits and applied the reduction over Millstone Milk Paint. 

On existing finishes, be sure to prep as usual by cleaning with a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and water, and scuffing with a scotch bright pad. To prep new wood, follow our sanding video. 

First apply the Millstone Milk Paint. Allow to dry 2-3 hours. Then apply a coat of High Performance over the Millstone  let dry 72 hours. Remember- when switching to an oil based product let the first coat dry longer. Then brush on the Gel stain mix section by section with a foam brush or paint pad and wipe off with blue shop towels, starting in the center and working to the outside.

Always seal with 2 or 3 layers of top coat.




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