Pro Floor Stains - Water Based

Pro Floor Stain is a new revolutionary water based finish:

  • Easy to plan exits & runs as you can walk back over the stain in 10 minutes
  • Easily repairable on the job
  • Stains dry for recoating in 3-5 hours (humidity dependant), you can stain and seal coat in one day
  • No water popping necessary
  • 18 intermixable base colors create an unlimited color pallet of deep, rich colors
  • New pigmentation system offers superior UV stability & brilliant color
  • No strong solvent vapors, no combustion concerns, easy water clean-up
  • VOC compliant throughout U.S. Sq. Ft. coverage is 30% greater than oil stains


The Waterbase Pro Floor Stain System offers revolutionary rich, intermixable colors. You receive 72 custom color chips on Maple and Oak, supplied in an attractive wooden box for a professional looking stain display.  Each chip is labeled with the formula right on the chip for quick, easy reference.

Use the CMS Pro Floor System to create your own custom color floor stains. Colors can by mixed by weight or volume allowing you to make consistent colors time after time as shown below.  RTM Pro Floor stains are designed to be used with Pro Sealer and Pro Shield top coats.


Clear 300

Neutral 301

Pure White 302

Amber Oak 303

Gold 304

Ginger 305

Hickory 306

Orange 307

Sedona 308

Cabernet 309

Deep Red 310

Antique Brown 311

Provincial 312

Tobacco 313

Cocobolo 314

Kona 315

Onyx 316

Jet Black 317

General Finishs Stain System offers 18 intermixable stock colors that allow you to create a limitless color pallet. Match from our 72 color chips or create your own.

Floor Color Chips

PF-CMS030-320 PF-CMS031-321 PF-CMS032-322 PF-CMS033-323 PF-CMS034-324 PF-CMS035-325 PF-CMS036-326 PF-CMS037-327 PF-CMS038-328 PF-CMS039-329 PF-CMS040-330 PF-CMS041-331 PF-CMS042-332 PF-CMS043-333 PF-CMS044-334 PF-CMS045-335 PF-CMS046-336 PF-CMS047-337 PF-CMS048-338 PF-CMS049-339 PF-CMS050-340 PF-CMS051-341 PF-CMS052-342 PF-CMS053-343 PF-CMS054-344 PF-CMS055-345 PF-CMS056-346 PF-CMS057-347 PF-CMS058-348 PF-CMS059-349 PF-CMS060-350 PF-CMS061-351 PF-CMS062-352 PF-CMS063-353 PF-CMS064-354 PF-CMS065-355 PF-CMS066-356 PF-CMS067-357 PF-CMS068-358 PF-CMS069-359 PF-CMS070-360 PF-CMS071-361 PF-CMS072-362 PF-CMS073-363 PF-CMS074-364 PF-CMS075-365 PF-CMS076-366 PF-CMS077-367 PF-CMS078-368 PF-CMS079-369 PF-CMS080-370 PF-CMS081-371 PF-CMS082-372 PF-CMS083-373 PF-CMS084-374 PF-CMS085-375 PF-CMS086-376 PF-CMS087-377 PF-CMS088-378 PF-CMS089-379 PF-CMS090-380 PF-CMS091-381 PF-CMS092-382 PF-CMS093-383 PF-CMS094-384 PF-CMS095-385 PF-CMS096-386 PF-CMS097-387 PF-CMS098-388 PF-CMS099-389 PF-CMS100-390 PF-CMS101-391 PF-CMS102-392 PF-CMS103-393 PF-CMS104-394 PF-CMS105-395 PF-CMS106-396 PF-CMS107-397 PF-CMS108-398 PF-CMS109-399 PF-CMS110-400 PF-CMS111-401 PF-CMS112-402 PF-CMS113-403 PF-CMS114-404 PF-CMS115-405 PF-CMS116-406 PF-CMS117-408 PF-CMS118-409 PF-CMS119-410 PF-CMS120-411 PF-CMS121-412 PF-CMS122-413 PF-CMS123-414 PF-CMS124-415 PF-CMS125-416 PF-CMS126-417 PF-CMS127-418 PF-CMS128-419 PF-CMS129-420 PF-CMS130-421 PF-CMS131-422 PF-CMS132-423 PF-CMS133-424 PF-CMS134-425 PF-CMS135-426 PF-CMS136-427 PF-CMS137-428 PF-CMS138-429 PF-CMS139-430 PF-CMS140-431 PF-CMS141-432 PF-CMS142-433 PF-CMS143-434 PF-CMS144-435 PF-CMS145-436 PF-CMS146-437 PF-CMS147-438 PF-CMS148-439 PF-CMS149-440 PF-CMS150-441 PF-CMS151-442 PF-CMS152-443 PF-CMS153-444 PF-CMS154-445 Clear Base Neutral Pure White Amber Oak Gold Ginger Hickory Orange Sedona Cabernet Deep Red Antique Brown Provincial Tobacco Cocobolo Kona Onyx Jet Black


Application Brochures


  • Contains a renewable-resource resin whose excellent wetting properties yield 30% greater coverage than oil stains.
  • Contains finely ground automotive pigments that give deep vibrant colors and far better UV protection than oil stains.
  • Has virtually no odor and is non-combustible.

SANDING: Sand floor using NWFA specifications. We highly advise finishing with a 120 grit screen.
WATER POPPING can slightly darken a floor, but Pro Stains are designed to achieve one coat color. If you water pop, you may stain immediately as Pro Stain is water based.
IMPORTANT: Record moisture meter readings in several places before staining the floor. These readings will provide a benchmark at later stages to determine when the floor is dry enough to apply another coat.
MIXING STAIN: Mix stain thoroughly before using.
Application Tips: If conditions are dry and warm, restrict the amount of air flow, increase the application rate, and block direct sunlight by closing shades or blinds.
HUCK or THERMO WIPING RAGS: are a must for easiest results. They work much better than thin cotton material (T-shirts or sheets).  They are more absorbent, heavier duty, and ribbed for easier pull. They may be ordered online or through your local rag distributor.


  • Paint Pad Applicator: apply a liberal amount of Pro Stain to manageable area and wipe off the excess in the direction of the grain.
  • Buffer: Apply Pro Stain with a buffer in the same manner you would use with your present stain.
  • Ragging on: is not recommended.

DRY TIMES: 2 to 3 hours under ideal conditions (70° / 70% humidity). The best method for judging dryness accurately is to use moisture meter readings.
COVERAGE: 700/800 sq.ft. per gal
CLEAN UP: Soap and water
SHELF LIFE: 1 year unopened
VOC: Less than 230 grams per liter

MSDS & Data

Material Safety Data Sheets
Technical Data Sheets